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Email. Reinvented.

With the Power of Social

Reach the world. Without barriers.

Handler let's anyone email
that great old friend, a foreign organization, their Twitter followers, an artist they admire, a customer service agent, their political leader, a local journalist, their favorite business, someone they like
by using Twitter @handles.

Handler was designed with Twitter at its heart. Twitter @handles reflect people and emails' origins in the most authentic way, either when associated with real names or used anonymously.
It brings unprecedented legitimacy, accuracy, and trustworthiness to your new daily email experience.

Next-gen email

New Standards

Handler is a new kind of email network that fully operates independantly from the SMTP, POP, and IMAP legacy email standards.

The first notable experience improvement when connected to the Handler network is the use of social @handles as new form of addresses for emailing any person or organization in the world.

Safer Than Ever

Better Emailing

Handler is powered by its advanced machine learning algorithms that automatically learn to identify and prevent any armful activity such as spam, domain spoofing, and phishing.

Handler also takes care of the complexity of securing users’ emailing environment. No sensitive data ever hits 3rd party servers.

own the experience

Ready in Minutes

Wether you're developing an email client, a CRM plugin or ticketing system, Handler can easily be integrated in minutes so you can focus on what matters most: delighting your users.

Take advantage of pre-made UI components to customize the design and experience of your app from start to finish, and launch faster.

Made with developers in mind to

Ship Apps that Rely on Next-Gen Email

Robust, scalable infrastructure

Simple, Powerful API

Benefit from continuous mail flow through our secure, distributed, and redundant data centers where our infinitely extensible email delivery infrastructure routes messages to users and scales instantly with your volume needs.


Desktop, Mobile SDKs

Set up our free SDKs in minutes and discover how our powerful features can help you leverage integrated next-gen email activity, achieve deep product personalization, or maximize user engagement within your app.

We’ve got everything you need, in the programming language you already use.
Also, you're going to love our flexible API, comprehensive code libraries and clear docs.

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